15 September 2003

More 2003 Hurricane Season Fun Trivia

From Phil Klotzbach:

We have now had 14 IHD this season.  This ranks us 4th all-time for IHD since 1950.  2003 now trails only 1961, 1950 and 1999 for intense hurricane days.  Since we will likely get 2-3 more IHD for Isabel, that will pass us by both 1999 and 1950 leaving us behind only 1961 which had a whopping 20.75 intense hurricane days.

We have also had 12.75 IHD during September.  This ranks us 2nd all-time for IHD since 1950.  2003 now only trails 1961 which had 15.75 IHD.  We will likely be very close to passing 1961 by the time Isabel makes landfall. 
This is the first time since 1900 that we have had two intense hurricanes that have each lasted longer than 6 intense hurricane days (Fabian and Isabel). 
Our seasonal NTC is already up to 115.

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