30 July 2003

Some old news, and some new excitement in the far eastern Atlantic...

Since my last update on 7/21, TD6 dissipated before becoming a named
storm, in the neighborhood of the Lesser Antilles.  However, the wave
remained intact and spawned TD7 four days later.  TD7 formed off the
northeast Florida coast and headed straight for the Georgia coast not
long after.  Landfall was around 06Z on 7/26 just south of Savannah.

Now onto the new excitement.  An impressive tropical wave that exited
the African coast on Monday is becoming better organized, and a 1012mb
Low has formed within the wave at about 9N 24W.  Motion is W at 15kts.
In addition to the traditional visible and infrared satellite imagery,
microwave imagery also reveals a nice spiral band on the western side of
the circulation.  It's in an environment of moderate shear (10-15kts
easterly), the SST is 27.5C, and there is a broad vorticity center.
Conditions should improve over the next few days, and so the likelihood
of this becoming TD8 is fairly high.

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