16 July 2003

Claudette inland and dissipated, TD5 forms over open ocean...

Claudette made landfall yesterday at about 16Z near Port O' Connor, TX
as a CAT1 hurricane.  Damage was not severe, but certainly there was
some caused by beach erosion, storm surge, wind gusts up to 100mph, and
torrential rain both along the coast and inland.  Advisories ceased at
03Z today, making her the 2nd longest lived named storm in July ever
with 7.5 Named Storm Days (the record is 8.0 NSD).

As if the Atlantic is running through a queue, TD5 just formed in the
north central part of the basin, well east of Bermuda.  At 15Z, TD5 was
located at 31.5N 54.5W and tracking NW at 11kts.  Intensity is 25kts and
1015mb, and this is not forecast to change much, probably leaving it
below TS status for the next few days.  Keep in mind that a MSLP of
1015mb at that latitude is roughly equivalent to a MSLP of 1004mb in the
deep tropics right now, in terms of pressure deficit relative to its
environment.  It's over 27C water now, but as it wraps around the
Bermuda High, it will be taken north then northeast over much cooler
water (23C).  Outflow is improving, but the convection is not very
centralized.  Should it get named, the next name is Danny.

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