12 August 2011

Multiple areas of interest scattered across Atlantic basin

Since Emily, the Atlantic has been fairly quiet, just some easterly waves trekking across the deep tropics, but for the most part, not developing into anything.
However, two such waves (one near 45W and one near 30W) are showing signs of gradual organization.  The one near 45W exited Africa on Aug 8, and the one near 30W exited Africa right on its heels on Aug 10.  There is also a potential for development with a Low located near Bermuda, and one northeast of the Lesser Antilles.

The visible satellite image from 1615Z today is shown below, with the four areas of interest circled in red.
At this point, none of these disturbances are even Depressions, and none pose a threat to land in the immediate future.   I will keep you posted though as any or all of these develop!  The next names on deck are Franklin, Gert, Harvey, and Irene.

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