06 August 2011

Emily reforms just east of the southern Florida peninsula

The remnants of Emily finally acquired the organization required to be classified as a Depression, and at 21Z today, TD Emily was reborn.  The intensity is 25kts and 1012mb, and the heading is north at 7kts.  The center is located just offshore of Fort Lauderdale FL, but has been producing very heavy rainfall over the Bahamas for the past 24+ hours.  It appears that FL will escape the precipitation, perhaps with the exception of some isolated thunderstorms. 
The long-range radar loop from Miami can be found here: http://radar.weather.gov/radar.php?rid=AMX&product=N0Z&overlay=11101111&loop=yes and once Emily is further north, the loop from Melbourne will be more practical: http://radar.weather.gov/radar.php?product=N0Z&rid=mlb&loop=yes

Since the system did not "sneak under the westerlies", it lifted north and will continue to move north then northeast into the open ocean and come under the unfriendly influence of a mid-latitude front by Monday.  So its time as being "Emily" is limited once again.

Elsewhere, an easterly wave that exited the African coast back on July 30 is approaching the Lesser Antilles, at about 55W.  In addition, a new wave has just exited Africa and is near 17W... this can be traced back to the Ethiopian Highlands on Aug 2 and has a rather potent history as it trekked across the continent.

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