17 September 2004

2004's place in history

From Phil Klotzbach:

First of all, after double-checking the numbers,  Ivan has the most intense hurricane days of a single storm on record with 10.0, extending back to 1900.  The second place storm was the Miami 1926 storm (Storm 4 of that year) with 9.25 IHD, and in third place was Donna from 1960 with 9 IHD.
Here are my calculations for the months of August and September (up to 15Z on September 17) and for the season as a whole.  I'd be interested to see how they compare with the numbers that you guys have calculated.  I have put in parentheses its all-time rank if ranks in the top 10 all-time since 1950.


NS: 8 (Rank: 1)
H: 4 (Rank: T-2)
IH: 3 (Rank: 1)
NSD: 32 (Rank: 3)
HD: 14.75 (Rank: 4)
IHD: 5.25 (Rank: 5)
NTC: 85.3 (Rank: 1)


NS: 3
H: 2
IH: 1
NSD: 24.25
HD: 16.5
IHD: 13 (Rank: 3)
NTC: 80.9 (Rank: 9)


NS: 11
H: 6
IH: 4 (Rank: T-8)
NSD: 56.25
HD: 31.25
IHD: 18.25 (Rank: 2)
NTC: 166.2 (Rank: 9)

This season has been quite remarkable so far.  We already have the 2nd most intense hurricane days for a season on record... the only year with more was 1961 with 21.5 IHD.  I'll try to run some more calculations in the next few days.

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