20 July 2005

Emily makes its final landfall...

At around 11Z today, Emily slowly came ashore as a major hurricane, 
creeping along at just over 5kts.  It hit a very unpopulated area on the 
northern Mexico coast, so that will be a welcome relief to Mexico, after 
the country experienced the previous major landfall from Emily on Sunday 
night.  It is now weakening rapidly and drifting westward over the 
mountainous terrain of north central MX.  As of 21Z, Emily had weakened 
to a tropical storm, with sustained winds of 60kts and a central 
pressure of 975mb.  

Elsewhere, there is an interesting disturbance north of Hispaniola.  
Although it currently doesn't look too organized, it's worth watching 
closely for development.  It would track generally northwestward toward 
the Bahamas and eastern FL.
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