04 September 2002

Dolly out of the picture, Edouard creeping toward Florida.

As early as midday Tuesday, I noticed what appeared to be a front coming
off the storm, indicating that Dolly was losing her tropical
characteristics.  Well, NHC issued the 25th and final advisory on Dolly
this morning as she was absorbed by a front.  At 15Z the pressure was
estimated at 1009mb and a center could barely be discerned.

Edouard has remained a TS in the face of 25kt northwesterly shear.  The
convection has actually become more centralized, but not enough to cover
the center itself.  A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for much of
the northeastern Florida peninsula and some of extreme southern
Georgia.  He is expected to pass over the peninsula from Flagler Beach
on Thursday morning to Homosassa Springs on Friday morning (weakening to
a TD), then re-enter the Gulf (re-intensifying back to a TS).  At 18Z
today, TS Edouard was located at 29.8N 80.5W and meandering westward at
3kts.  Winds are still 35kts and the pressure is up to 1009mb.

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