21 August 2012

TD9 heads for Caribbean, two other disturbances being monitored

In my blog for the Washington Post today, I focused on newly-formed TD9, so please stop there for details on that storm.  All interests in the eastern Caribbean, Florida, and the Carolinas should be watching this VERY closely.  An aircraft reconnaissance flight into the storm is planned for later today... that will be our first real assessment of the intensity.  It could be upgraded to TS Isaac depending on what they find!

Elsewhere, there are two other disturbances worth watching.

The first is related to the remnants of Helene, and partially to the trailing edge of a trough and attendant cold front.  It's a rather sloppy system with a 1010mb elongated Low centered about 140 miles south of Brownsville TX.  It is forecast to drift back to the west into Mexico and remain weak, though it could briefly become a TD or TS in the meantime.  The only threat from this is the heavy rain and all that entails.

The other system is far to the east, about 550 miles southwest of the Cape Verde Islands.  This easterly wave left the African coast on the 18th, and is gradually getting better organized.  It's expected to track to the WNW over the next several days and slowly intensify.

After Isaac, the next couple names on the list are Joyce and Kirk.

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