06 August 2004

The end of Alex...

At 15Z today, the NHC issued the final advisory on Alex.  It has become
an extratropical cyclone over the far north central Atlantic.  The final
intensity estimate was 50kts and 987mb, located at 47.5N 34.6W and
zipping off to the ENE at 40kts.  In the end, Alex accumuluated 5.25
Named Storm Days, 3.25 Hurricane Days, and 0.75 Intense Hurricane Days.

The remnants of TD2 have still not vanished from discussion.  Although
under horribly high vertical shear now, it looks like conditions will
improve during the weekend, possibly allowing this stubborn wave to make
a comeback.  IF it does, next week could become very interesting in the
Gulf of Mexico, but don't count your waves until they hatch.  It's
presently just south of Haiti.

Elsewhere, the tiny disturbance in the central Atlantic (around 20N 49W)
still shows some signs of organization.  It has a 1013mb Low embedded in
the wave, and is tracking WNW at 15kts.  Vertical shear is rather
strong, so that could delay or hinder further organization.

Finally, there's a very impressive wave at about 10N 40W.  Conditions
are presently favorable, and should remain that way.  It will be
monitored very closely over the next few days for development into a

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