30 May 2016

Bonnie weakens and stalls over South Carolina

Tropical Depression 2 was upgraded to Tropical Storm Bonnie on Saturday afternoon, and made landfall near Charleston, SC at about 9am EDT on Sunday after weakening back to a tropical depression.  This was the first tropical cyclone to make landfall on the U.S. since Tropical Storm Bill hit Texas on June 16th, 2015.

Satellite and radar images at the time of Bonnie's landfall on Sunday morning.
As expected, it was not a very eventful landfall, just a lot of rain.  The heaviest rain fell to the north of Savannah, and peaked out at about 8-9", resulting in significant flooding.

What's a bit unusual is that Tropical Depression Bonnie is still lingering in basically the same location, but a northeastward motion is expected to begin today, taking the shallow and poorly-organized cyclone over the North Carolina coastline.

It is nothing to be concerned about though, other than the sporadic heavy rain showers associated with it.  I have a regional-scale two-day radar loop of Bonnie at http://andrew.rsmas.miami.edu/bmcnoldy/tropics/bonnie16/Bonnie_28-30May16_southeast.gif

Visible satellite image from Monday morning showing a low-level swirl (Bonnie) over South Carolina.

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