09 May 2016

A couple pre-season updates and posts

2016 marks my 21st year writing these updates and blog posts.  There was no social media back then, just basic email lists (for the people who had email addresses) and very primitive websites.  Thankfully, things have evolved, and there are now countless sources of information that you can access from anywhere.  With that in mind, I appreciate your continued interest in my input on tropical Atlantic activity -- some of the subscribers to my distribution list have been on it since 1996, and others just joined this month.  If you are a new subscriber and would like to learn more about me, I invite you to peruse my website (http://andrew.rsmas.miami.edu/bmcnoldy/).

Atlantic hurricane season does not officially begin until June 1, but I have a couple related posts that I wanted to share.  Both are on the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang blog:

The first was published a couple weeks ago but is still relevant...
‘Erika’ and ‘Joaquin’ will no longer be used as hurricane names in Atlantic

and the second, a collaboration with Phil Klotzbach, was just published today...
Do warm waters off of the East Coast imply an increased hurricane threat?

A more thorough hurricane season introduction and outlook will follow closer to June 1, so stay tuned.
Thanks for reading and sharing!

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