30 May 2012

Beryl heading back out to sea and strengthening

After making landfall on Sunday night as an intensifying tropical storm, Beryl weakened to a tropical depression, but remained a coherent and obvious presence.  It tracked west from Jacksonville across the GA/FL border, then turned northeast to its current location near Wilmington NC.

It is still quite well-organized and is about to head back over the open ocean.  Based on surface obs and buoys, the central pressure is around 1000mb and the maximum sustained winds are 30kts.

Upon reaching the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, Beryl will likely reintensify to a tropical storm, but continue its northeast motion and make its way out to the north central Atlantic graveyard over the next several days.

The estimated rainfall over the past week (since pre-Beryl skirted just east of Miami) shows a clear maximum over northern FL and southern GA where the system stalled prior to turning northeast.

Remember that the Atlantic hurricane season officially begins this Friday... just don't mention that to Alberto or Beryl!

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