03 October 2011

Ophelia turns extratropical, Philippe still a TS

At 15Z today, the final advisory was written for Ophelia... 18 days after it left the African coast and 13 days after it was first classified as a tropical storm.  Over the weekend, the storm reached a peak intensity of 120kts and 940mb (Category 4) as it passed 140 miles east of Bermuda.  It's presently a 50kt extratropical cyclone and just passed over Newfoundland (exactly the same landfall location as Maria 17 days ago!).

Early Saturday morning, it did indeed pass very close (just 5.4 miles west!!!) to Buoy 41049 as I mentioned.  The buoy reported 40ft waves, wind gusts up to 100kts, and a pressure of 952mb.  The plot below was made using hourly data from the buoy:

Philippe is still hanging around, and is still a tropical storm.  Surprisingly though, on Sunday morning, it was nearly a hurricane!  It reached an intensity of 60kts and 993mb, but has since weakened again to 55kts.

It is forecast to continue westward for another 24-36 hours, then recurve abruptly into the north central Atlantic.

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