30 September 2010

Nicole dissipates, easterly wave getting organized...

Since my update on Tuesday, TD16 was briefly upgraded to TS Nicole, then Nicole rapidly lost its tropical characteristics and merged with a mid-latitude trough... before even reaching Florida!  This was a very unusual situation, and is resulting in a very unusual heavy rain event up the entire US east coast.  Everywhere from FL to ME and from the coast to hundreds of miles inland, flooding rains are the big story.
See http://www.weather.gov/largemap.php for a real-time summary of the watches and warnings associated with this event, and http://www.hpc.ncep.noaa.gov/discussions/nfdscc5.html for a history of what has fallen so far in select locations.

Elsewhere, there's a broad circulation associated with an (possibly 2 really close) easterly wave located about 800 miles east of the Windward Islands.  Though not widely favored by global models for development, it looks fairly impressive on satellite imagery.

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