21 October 2005

Wilma pounds Yucatan...

Wilma remained on course for a direct hit on Cozumel and Cancun, and has 
unfortunately almost stalled there.  The island of Cozumel has been in 
the eyewall for much of the afternoon.  Again, you can find the latest 
radar image from Cancun at 
and if you're interested in watching a long and growing radar loop, 
that's available at 

Aircraft have been flying it all day, and the pressure has remained 
steady in the mid 920mb ballpark.  The eyewall has contracted slightly 
during the day, now down to 24 miles across.  Sustained winds are 120kts 
with gusts to 145kts.  The cirrent location is directly over Cozumel.

The forecast is pretty bad for Mexico... the storm is expected to stall 
over the Yucatan peninsula for a couple of days, then with the next 
trough, get pushed ENE toward southern FL.  US landfall is now forecast 
to be Monday afternoon near Fort Myers as a CAT2 hurricane.  The 
intensity forecast is VERY iffy at this point, so FL residents should 
prepare for much worse and hope for the best.  Wilma is already 
responsible for at least 13 deaths.
Please visit my tropical Atlantic headquarters.

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