26 October 2005

Three active tropical waves keep the season alive...

It's easy to track coherent waves across the tropical Atlantic using 
this page:
and from it, you can see the one near 80W, 55W, and 30W.  They become 
less organized as you look east.  With that in mind, the westernmost 
wave is looking very interesting and is very close to becoming TD26 or 
even TS Beta.

The satellite presentation has improved markedly just during the day, 
with a banding feature to the north, and some deep convection forming 
near and wrapping around what appears to be a low-level center.  It is 
just east of Costa Rica and nearly stationary, perhaps a northwest 
crawl.  The forecast would be to develop it and continue a NW drift into 
Nicaragua.  The rain from this storm could be devastating to several 
Central American countries.

I'll just briefly point out that the next wave, at 55W, is heading into 
a more favorable environment so should also be watched closely.

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