07 October 2003

Kate becoming extratropical...

The mid-latitude trough is rapidly absorbing Kate, and she's barely
discernable as a tropical system anymore.  She is gradually losing
centralized deep convection and now has a front extending southward from
the Low.  As of 15Z today, TS Kate was located at 45.5N 48.0W and
tracking NNE at 38kts.  Intensity is estimated to be 60kts and 987mb. 
During the rest of the week, she's expected to zip quickly
northeastward, passing south of Iceland then north of England, heading
for Norway as a potent early Fall storm.  However, Kate has joined the
ranks of Fabian and Isabel as 2003's Atlantic major hurricanes.  It's
very likely that the 21Z advisory today will be the last written on
Kate.  She has 5.75 Hurricane Days and 1.5 Intense Hurricane Days to her
name, and probably will end up with 9.75 Named Storm Days.

I'm still watching the tropical wave east of the Lesser Antilles.  It
has made little if any progress since yesterday, but conditions are
still favorable for development.  Again, should this organize, the next
number and name are TD18 and Mindy.

Please visit my tropical Atlantic headquarters.

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