05 August 2002

Second Tropical Storm forms just off the Gulf coast during the weekend, #3 might be in the making soon...

At 21Z on Sunday, TD2 formed just 85 miles south of the MS coast, and
proceded to move inland while strengthening.  By 2330Z, TD2 had reached
Tropical Storm strength and became TS Bertha, who continued to head
northwest toward the LA/MS border.  Monday at 12Z, Bertha finally made
landfall near New Orleans, LA, while still meandering very slowly and
losing organization and intensity.  The latest advisory (15Z) places
Bertha at 30.8N 90.2W and tracking NNW at 10kts.  The pressure has risen
to 1010mb and the sustained winds have fallen to 25kts, downgrading her
to a Tropical Depression again.  The primary threat from this point on
is inland flooding in MS, LA, and TX.

There is a Low becoming better organized off the South Carolina coast
today. A cold CDO over the center earlier this morning aided in the
organization, now leading to the formation of outer rainbands.  It is
drifting roughly eastward and is expected to intensify further. 
Aircraft recon is planned to investigate the system closer.  This could
become TD3, or if strong enough, TS Cristobal in the near future.

Please visit my tropical Atlantic headquarters.

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