11 October 2010

Otto becomes extratropical, disturbance brewing in western Caribbean...

Otto spent 1.5 days as a hurricane, though was visibly losing its tropical characteristics in a hurry (weaker and displaced convection, frontal bands, etc.).  At 03Z on Sunday, it was downgraded to a TS, then twelve hours later, advisories were ceased on the system as it became an extratropical cyclone about 400 miles west of the Azores.

There is a 1008mb Low associated with a disturbance that has been festering in the western Caribbean for several days (I mentioned it in my update on Friday).  It's currently located on the tip of the Nicaragua/Honduras border and drifting to the WNW.  The majority of models gradually develop this system into a TS (Paula) as it heads NW toward Cozumel, then recurving to the NE toward Cuba/Florida.  Intensification should be somewhat limited due to the expected proximity to land throughout the next few days.

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