25 September 2008

Still two unnamed storms to threaten US east coast...

Very little has changed since yesterday's update, so this will be very brief.  The disturbance north of Hispaniola is still there, and is gradually getting better organized... intensity is now estimated at 1003mb and 30kts.  And the one off the NC/SC coast is also still there, moving very slowly but heading for the coast, now has an intensity of 55kts and 998mb.

Strangely, neither of these systems are numbered or named yet, nor are there even "special tropical disturbance" alerts out for them.  The Florida State University Cyclone Phase Space diagrams are often used to determine the structure of cyclones, whether it be extratropical, subtropical, or tropical, and both of these systems are analyzed as "symmetric warm core" (i.e. tropical) by a majority of models.
http://moe.met.fsu.edu/cyclonephase/ (scroll down to the different models, select a model, then select the cyclone of interest)

If either of these ever get named, the next two names are Kyle and Laura.

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