29 September 2008

Kyle comes and goes, Laura forms...

Since my last update on Thursday, the disturbance that was near Hispaniola was upgraded to TS Kyle, then Hurricane Kyle, and  recently transitioned to an extratropical cyclone.  It was around as a named storm for just 3.5 days, and as a hurricane for 1.25 days.  It ended up following the forecast tracks very well, traveling straight north into Nova Scotia as a potent tropical storm.

And as of this morning at 09Z, Sub-Tropical Storm Laura formed in the north central Atlantic and won't be threatening anything but shipping lanes.  It's located near 38N 47W and tracking WNW at 7kts, but that will become N very shortly.  Intensity is 50kts and 995mb.  SSTs are 25-26C, and will be dropping to 20C, then 15C within a couple days.  However, it could still become a minimal hurricane in this time (or "sub-tropical hurricane") if the upper-level temperatures cool off with the SSTs and shear remains low enough, which it should.

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