05 August 2008

Edouard makes landfall...

Edouard made landfall as a 55kt tropical storm Tuesday morning around 7am CDT, between Sabine and High Island TX ... right by the Louisiana border.  Fortunately, this area is not very populated.  Jefferson County, where landfall occurred, has about 240,000 residents, compared to about 4 million in the three neighboring counties to its west.  However, in the same county, about 1 in 5 people live at or below poverty level, so even a weak storm can have a very negative effect.  Incidentally, this is almost exactly where Rita made landfall 3 years ago, but as a Category 3 hurricane with 105kt winds.

So far, no major damage reports have come out, and no deaths... just half a foot of rain and moderate gusty winds that have taken down some trees and power lines.  The rest of the basin is quiet right now, and probably will be for a little while longer.

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