09 July 2008

Bertha on a comeback...

After the encounter with higher shear and drier air yesterday, Bertha is back to a more symmetric shape with an open eye.  A microwave image (from SSM/I) at 0939Z this morning captured the eye reforming prior to it opening up in VIS and IR imagery.  Another microwave-instrument-bearing satellite had an overpass at 0521Z and there was not an eye at that time.  As of 15Z today, the intensity was estimated at 65kts and 987mb, a minimal CAT1 hurricane.  However, since then, the presentation has improved noticeably, and I suspect that at the 21Z advisory, we'll see something more like 75kts, with a strengthening trend in the forecast.

The SST is presently 27.5C under the storm, and will hover around that temperature for the coming days.  Vertical shear is southwesterly at ~15kts, which is moderate, but low enough to allow an eye to reform.

An interesting question remains... what about Bermuda?  In 4-5 days (weekend-ish), it appears that Bertha will have a close encounter with the island.  Just how close depends on the encroaching mid-latitude trough.  It could be responsible for not only steering/recurving Bertha away from the island, but also shearing and weakening it beforehand.  It will be a close call.

Elsewhere in the basin, there are easterly waves trekking across the deep tropics at about 50W, 35W, and 20W, none of which currently show signs of organization.

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