29 November 2005

An Old Record Tied

From Gary Padgett:
The formation of TS Epsilon in the Atlantic ties the
record for the most TS/HU forming post-30 September.
In 1887 there were 9 post-Sept TCs---six forming in
October (as in this year), and after a quiet month,
a little "mini season" in late Nov/early Dec, whereby
1 HU formed at the end of Nov, and another HU and
as TS formed during the first week of Dec, all in the
general region just north and northeast of the Greater
Antilles.   The two hurricanes eventually recurved
into the Atlantic, but the final one, a TS, formed
east of the Leewards and pursued an very unusual
WSW track across the entire Caribbean, eventually
moving into Costa Rica--the only TS on record to
make landfall in that country.
The second highest number of post-30 Sept TCs
was just 4 years ago, in 2001, with 7 named storms
forming in Oct and Nov.   If we can get a Zeta
during Dec, we can set yet another record for
the 2005 season.
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