29 June 2005

TD2 upgraded to Bret, hits Mexico...

Just two hours after being classified as TD2, it was upgraded to 
TS Bret.  Despite being very close to land, the observed sustained 
winds as well as the convective banding pattern certainly warranted 
this upgrade.  The last time we witnessed two named storms in June was 
1986 (Andrew and Bonnie)!  However, unlike 1986, BOTH of this year's 
storms made landfall.

Bret made landfall at ~12Z today as a 35kt tropical storm.  Radar 
images from Tampico showed a weak eye/eyewall structure at landfall... 
remarkable organization for a minimal tropical storm.  The center of 
Bret passed over Tuxpan, about 100 miles south of Tampico.  It is now 
moving inland and weakening rapidly.
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