28 June 2005

TD2 forms very near Mexican coast...

At 22Z today, an area of disturbed weather was upgraded to Tropical 
Depression 2 just 50 miles off the coast.  This will be very 
short-lived, as it's currently heading toward land (about 50 miles 
away).  Intensity measured by aircraft was 30kts and 1004mb.

It's located at 19.9N 95.7W and tracking WNW at 6kts.  Landfall is 
expected later this evening on the Mexican coast as a strong TD.  
There's a slight chance of it reaching minimal TS status before 
landfall, and if it does, it would be named Bret.  A Tropical Storm 
Warning has been issued for the coast between Tampico and Veracruz.
Please visit my tropical Atlantic headquarters.

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