29 August 2016

August wrapping up with three simultaneous tropical cyclones

Today's update is in three parts... two of which are on the Capital Weather Gang blog, and the third part will be included at the end of this post.

The last time there were three active tropical cyclones in the Atlantic was September 13, 2013 (at 12 UTC, there was TD Gabrielle, TS Humberto, and TS Ingrid).  If we nudge the criteria up to three simultaneous systems of at least tropical storm intensity, the last time was September 2, 2011 (Katia, Storm 20, and Lee).

Tropical storm in the forecast for N.C. during prime vacation week in Outer Banks

A tropical storm is brewing in the Gulf of Mexico; Florida landfall likely this week

(a few things to clarify in that second post... this is the same system that was known as 99L, and we've been watching it for about two weeks.  If it develops, it would be the 8th tropical storm.  And, it refers to the next three names on the list possibly being used in the coming week, though the third potential storm didn't make it in that post, but is included below for completeness.)

Now, the system that isn't in either of those posts is an African easterly wave of interest:

Although still over land, several leading models are forecasting this easterly wave to develop fairly quickly once it crosses the coastline tomorrow.  There is plenty of time to monitor it, since the earliest it would be close to the Lesser Antilles is around September 5.  However, this time of the season is when these African-born systems have become some of the most infamous major hurricanes.

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