07 August 2018

Subtropical Storm Debby forms in far north-central Atlantic

The fourth named storm of the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season, Debby, has formed about 1000 miles west of the Azores.  It has been a persistent mid-to-upper-level feature for about a week now, just drifting around, but it finally established a surface circulation and strong enough winds to earn an upgrade to a subtropical storm.  Note that as of now, it lacks the structure to be a fully tropical system. However, its time will be very limited -- it will pass over increasingly cold water and get absorbed into an approaching trough within a couple days.

Debby is the third storm this season to be subtropical... Alberto began its life as a subtropical cyclone on May 25th, and the second half of Beryl's life was subtropical.  Climatologically, the 4th named storm forms on August 22, so Debby is about two weeks ahead of par.  In terms of ACE (Accumulated Cyclone Energy), the season is at 145% of average for this date.

Aside from Debby, the Atlantic is quiet.  This time of year, we start looking to Africa for incipient waves/disturbances, but the water temperature in the deep tropical Atlantic between Africa and the Lesser Antilles remains cooler than average, which will be a suppressing factor for tropical cyclone activity there for a while.



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