30 December 2005

Tropical Storm Zeta forms...

Go ahead, re-read the subject; it did NOT say "Winter Storm Update 
12/30".  Continuing an unprecedented tropical season (and post-season), 
the 27th named storm, Zeta, has formed today in the eastern Atlantic, 
south of the Azores.  Satellite-estimated intensity is 45kts and 1003mb.
It's located at 25.0N 36.9W and tracking NW at 7kts.  It has healthy 
deep convection centralized over the core, and several banding features.  
It's in about 20kts of westerly shear and is over 23C water.

The forecast is bleak for the storm, possibly strengthening briefly in 
the next 24 hours, then rapidly dissipating in increasingly hostile 
conditions as it turns toward the west.

The formation of Zeta brings the season's NTC up to 268% (an average 
season is defined to be 100%)

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