13 September 2005

Ophelia heading toward US east coast...

My last update was sent on Thursday, but very little has happened since 
then.  Maria and Nate are long gone, absorbed by a mid-latitude trough.  
Ophelia has drifted or remained stationary day after day, now heading 
NNW at 3kts toward the NC coast as a minimal hurricane.

At 21Z, Ophelia was located at 32.7N 77.9W, or about 100 miles east of 
Charleston.  Aircraft-measured intensity is 65kts and 985mb.  It should 
maintain this intensity as it scrapes the coastline and Outer Banks.  A 
Hurricane Warning is in effect for most of NC and the northern half of 
SC.  Hurricane Watches cover the remainder of NC and SC.  You can track 
the hurricane via radar at 

21 years ago today, Hurricane Diana made landfall on the NC coast.  And 
17 years ago today, the Atlantic's most intense hurricane on record 
(Gilbert) hit the Cayman Islands.  The season's NTC stands at 144.8%, 
which still leaves it as the 17th highest NTC overall since 1900.  Keep 
in mind it's only mid-September though!
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