11 October 2004

Matthew makes landfall, Nicole forms and passes by Bermuda...

Matthew, the storm that formed in the Gulf on Friday afternoon, was slow
to get organized, and hovered at the Depression/Storm boundary during
the entire northward trek toward the Gulf coast.  At 12Z on Sunday, TS
Matthew made landfall as a poorly organized storm near Houma, LA, 40
miles west of New Orleans.  It dumped about a foot of rain on LA and MS,
causing severe flooding, before dissipating inland.  This storm brought
the season's NTC up to 225.2%, still in third place behind 1926 and

Then on Sunday morning at 09Z, an area of interest near Bermuda for many
days was upgraded to Subtropical Storm Nicole.  Although it does receive
a name (a new convention started in 2002), a subtropical system is
fundamentally different from a tropical one... best described as a
hybrid between a tropical and extratropical storm.  The closest approach
to Bermuda was 55 miles, and did give the island a bit of inclement
weather, but I haven't heard of any damage reports.  Nicole never
transitioned to purely tropical, and is now extratropical.  Whether or
not Nicole will count toward NTC is still being debated, but if so, the
new value would be 227.5%.

Elsewhere in the basin, vertical wind shear dominates and will keep
things quiet for a while.  The next number/name on deck is 17/Otto.

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