04 August 2005

TD8 becomes TS Harvey, TD9 forms in deep tropics...

Since my last update on Tuesday, TD8 has gotten much better organized, 
has become completely tropical in nature, and was upgraded to TS Harvey 
on Wednesday morning.  It passed just south of Bermuda as a moderately 
strong tropical storm, and is now not far from being a minimal hurricane.  
As of 21Z today, satellite-based intensity estimates are 55kts and 994mb.  
It's east of Bermuda and heading ENE into the open ocean.  

Over the past week, I've been watching a large easterly wave trek across 
Africa and out into the eastern Atlantic.  It entered the Atlantic on 
Monday morning and has been drifting westward since then, gradually 
getting better organized 
Today at 21Z it was upgraded to TD9 and has everything in its favor to 
quickly become Irene, the 9th named storm of the season, by tomorrow.  
It's located at 12.7N 34.5W and tracking W at 10kts.  Intensity is 25kts 
and 1009mb and is forecast to become a hurricane during the weekend.
Please visit my tropical Atlantic headquarters.

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