17 August 2005

Irene becoming extratropical...

Since my last update two days ago, Irene had briefly reached Category 2 
intensity, but is now rapidly losing tropical characteristics as it is 
affected by the mid-latitude jet.  It has been downgraded to a Tropical 
Storm with maximum sustained winds of 60kts and a central pressure of 
990mb.  It's located at 38.5N 56.3W and zipping off to the northeast at 

The remnants of TD10 have continued to drift WNW and although struggling 
to overcome shear, appears to be making a comeback, and could be 
re-upgraded to TD10 in the near future.  It's presently at about 18N 
56W... a few hundred miles east of the Leeward Islands.

As of today at 21Z, the season's NTC stands at 81%.
Of historical note, today is the 36th anniversary of Hurricane Camille's 
deadly and devastating landfall on the MS coast.
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