27 August 2004

August Statistics

From Phil Klotzbach:

With the naming of Francis, we have now had six named storms form in August.  Only two other years since 1950 have had the same or more named storms than this... 1990 also had six named storms form, and 1995 had seven named storms form.
We have now had four hurricanes form in August... 1976 and 1950 also had four hurricanes form in August, while 1995 had five hurricanes form.

If Francis goes intense (which it looks pretty likely to do), we will have had three intense hurricanes form in August.  That hasn't been observed in the modern record (since 1950).
NTC for August currently stands at 55.  If Frances goes intense, our NTC will be in the 60s.  NTC has only cracked 60 in August five other times since 1950.  1996 - 61, 1958 - 63, 1950 - 69, 1995 -71,  1955 - 82.

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