20 August 2004

2004 Fun Hurricane Facts

From Phil Klotzbach:

We had four named storms form in six days in 2004 (8/9-8/14) - Bonnie, Charley, Danielle, and Earl.  The last time this happened was in 2002: Isidore and Josephine on 9/18 and Kyle and Lili on 9/23.  The last time this happened in August was in 1999:  Bret - 8/19, Cindy - 8/20, Dennis and Emily - 8/24.   In 1980, four named storms formed in three days!  Danielle and Earl on 9/5, Frances on 9/6, and Georges on 9/7.  Interestingly enough, though, we have not had more than four storms form in any six day period since 1950.

The NTC for August 2004 is now up to 49.  That puts us in 9th place for NTC in August since 1950.  As of the 15Z advisory on Danielle, August 2004 has seen 21.75 named storm days which puts us in an 8th place tie with 1996.

Another interesting tidbit... August 2004 has witnessed the formation of two intense hurricanes (Alex and Charley).  Since 1950, no more than two intense hurricanes have developed during the month of August.  So, if we can get one more IH before the end of August, we'll be in record territory! 

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