02 August 2004

Alex getting stronger...

TS Alex is still drifting very slowly northeastward along the SC/NC
coast, right along the core of the Gulf Stream.  Although intensity is
still 50kts and 993mb, radar and IR imagery suggest that it is getting
its act together, and will likely be at or near hurricane intensity
later tonight.

A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for the northern half of the SC
coast up to Cape Fear, NC, and then also the extreme northern NC coast. 
A Hurricane Warning is in effect from Cape Fear to Cape Hatteras, NC.
Although the center of the storm may never quite hit land, the outer
rainbands will, and cause strong winds and very heavy rain.  You can
track the storm via radar at

The tropical wave I mentioned yesterday is getting better organized. 
It's presently at about 11N 48W and tracking W at 15kts.  It has a
1012mb Low associated with it and could be upgraded to TD2 in the next
day or two... as soon as there's a closed surface circulation with
persistent deep convection.

A new tropical wave has just exited Africa and is located at about 13N
23W.  There's also a 1012mb Low embedded within it, and is moving W at

Both waves can easily be tracked on the following site:

Please visit my tropical Atlantic headquarters.

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