25 October 2005

Wilma becomes an extratropical monster...

After thrashing southern Florida, Wilma quickly moved up along the 
coast, interacting with the deep trough to its west and associated 
mid-latitude Low.   The damage from Wilma in Mexico and the US combined 
is incredible, probably in the $15 billion ballpark, one of the 
costliest hurricanes (certainly behind Katrina and Andrew though).  
There are still 10s of thousands of tourists left stranded in terrible 
conditions in Cancun and Cozumel, and many millions of people in Florida 
without power, perhaps for a few weeks.

The final advisory was written at 21Z today on Wilma, with sustained 
winds of 75kts and racing NE at 46kts.  It merged with the mid-latitude 
storm over the northeast US and has created a very potent hybrid 
Nor'easter.  New England and southeast Canada are experiencing some 
hefty winds, torrential rains, and crippling snow as a result.

Elsewhere, a tropical wave that exited Africa about 2 weeks ago is in 
the southwestern Caribbean Sea and showing signs of organization.  If it 
develops, it would drift northward, and the next number/name on deck is 

The season's NTC is now a new record... 234.1%.  And as if breaking the 
record isn't enough... we still have 5 weeks left in this active 
hurricane season!
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