10 October 2005

STD22 and Vince form...

Over the weekend, for a brief period (less than a day), Subtropical 
Depression 22 could be found southeast of Bermuda, racing toward it, 
but being sheared apart as it moved.  It quickly lost tropical 
characteristics and never reached STS or TS status.

Also over the weekend, TS Vince formed in the FAR eastern part of the 
basin, and is now located at 34.9N 14.2W, or just off the coast of 
Morocco (never thought I'd be typing those words!) and heading toward 
Portugal.  Intesity estimates are 40kts and 1002mb.  For 1/2 day, it 
was at minimal hurricane intensity, becoming the season's 11th 
hurricane, based on satellite imagery showing an eye in the storm.  It 
is being sheared now, and moving quickly to the ENE - it should be 
dissipated by the end of the day.

This brings the season's NTC up to 196%, which is tied with the entire 
1916 season, and leaves us behind just six other years since 1900.
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