25 August 2009

New disturbance being watched north of Leeward Islands...

An easterly wave that exited Africa on Aug 18 (the same one that I mentioned was near 35W last Friday) has very slowly gotten better organized and is now centered near 22N 64W... or about 400 miles north of the Virgin Islands.  It is being invigorated by an interaction with an upper-level Low to its west.

This wave is expected to continue to develop over the coming days and follow a path not too different from Bill.  That is, head WNW toward the US coast, then recurve offshore and turn to the NE, passing by Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.  However, this system may get closer to the US coast than Bill did, and even has the potential to clip the extremities such as NC, MA, and ME this weekend.

Since my previous update on Friday, Bill exited the scene after brushing by Nova Scotia and hitting eastern Newfoundland.

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