29 September 2003

Juan hits Nova Scotia, Kate still in open waters...

Since Friday, Juan had reached a peak intensity of 90kts and 970mb,
following a northerly course.  He made landfall at 03Z today as a CAT1
hurricane on Nova Scotia and has since lost all tropical
characteristics.  He accumulated 3.75 Named Storm Days and 2.75
Hurricane Days.

At 21Z on 9/27, TD16 was upgraded to TS Kate, the 11th named storm of
the season.  She recurved at 45W and is presently heading NE toward the
Azores.  Satellite-estimated intensity has been slowly increasing, and
as of 15Z was 60kts and 991mb.  She could easily become a hurricane
later today, despite rather hefty vertical shear.  The 15Z location was
28.8N 37.6W and tracking NE at 17kts.  The forecast track is rather
interesting because the NE journey comes to an end and she heads back to
the NW.

Elsewhere, the area of disturbed weather I mentioned last Thursday and
Friday is STILL out there festering near the Gulf of Mexico and
Caribbean Sea border.  There is evidence of a broad-scale circulation,
and once over the Gulf, conditions could be favorable enough for this to
finally become a Depression.

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