08 September 2003

fun tidbits for current Atlantic storms

From Phil Klotzbach: 
Here are some fun facts that I've been looking at this morning.  As of 
today's 15Z advisory:

Fabian was classified as a hurricane until 49.8 degrees North... this is 
the farthest north that a system has been classified as a hurricane 
since Helene, 1988 (50.2N)

Fabian had 6.75 intense hurricane days, the most since Edouard (7.5 IHD) 
in 1996

Isabel became an intense hurricane at 42.6W... this is the farthest east 
that a storm has become an intense hurricane since Isaac (2000) which 
became intense at 35.0W

TD 14 just became a tropical depression at 22.1W... this is the farthest 
east that a storm has become a tropical depression since Alberto (2000) 
which became a TD at 18.0W

September has already had 5.75 IHD... this is the most IHD in September 
since 1999 and also puts it in a tie for 9th since 1950 with 1953, 1955 
and 1967.

The season has had 7 IHD which is also the most since 1999... this puts 
2003 in a tie with 1966 for the 15th most IHD since 1950

With Isabel likely accumulating 3 to 4 more IHD , we will likely be in 
the top 10 for seasonal IHD by September 10... not bad for halfway 
through the season!

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