23 September 2004

Ivan regenerates, Jeanne heading for US coast, Karl and Lisa still over open ocean...

At 23Z last night, the remnants of the once-great Ivan regenerated in
the north central Gulf of Mexico.  After making landfall in Alabama, the
low-level center passed over GA, NC, VA, MD, then offshore and moved
south, crossing over Florida on Monday, then finally to where it is
now.  Yes this is unusual, but the whole season has been, so it's no
surprise.  TS Ivan is now just a few miles off the southwest LA coast
and should make landfall (again) shortly, then head inland over
southeast TX.  Latest intensity was 40kts and 1003mb, and tracking NW at

Jeanne has just about completed her little loop northeast of the Bahamas
and is set to head toward the US coast.  Satellite presentation has been
improving throughout the day, and it's also been upgraded to a CAT2
storm.  Further intensification is likely before making landfall on the
FL peninsula (most likely) on Sunday morning.  At 21Z, Hurricane Jeanne
was located at 25.9N 70.3W and heading WNW at 7kts.  Maximum sustained
winds are up to 90kts and the MSLP is 966mb.

Karl is rapidly being absorbed by a mid-latitude trough, but still a
CAT2 hurricane out near 36N 42W.  This hurricane which has been in the
picture for a full week now is close to becoming extratropical.

Lisa is still a TS, and having trouble organizing as it interacts with
the strong tropical wave immediately east of it.  The forecast however,
is for gradual strengthening and a turn to the north just like Karl.

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