23 August 2010

TS Danielle nearly a hurricane...

Since my last update on Saturday morning, TD6 was upgraded to TS Danielle on Saturday evening.  The storm has continued to organize, and is forming an eye (already evident in microwave imagery, and beginning to appear in visible and infrared imagery).  It is nearing hurricane intensity, currently at 55kts and 994mb (and located about 1000 miles west of the Cape Verde islands).  It will likely be a hurricane later today.

The global models not only did an exceptional job at forecasting Danielle's development nearly one week in advance, they also did a fine job at predicting a recurvature by 60W, which is still on target to come to fruition.  Although still one week away, recurvature is forecast by all of the global and regional models.  That certainly won't hinder Danielle reaching hurricane status, and perhaps major hurricane status.

Elsewhere, a new potent easterly wave has just exited the African coast today, but surprisingly, the majority of models do not develop that disturbance.  If it should "go", it would likely follow the same track as Danielle since the large-scale steering hasn't changed much.

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