20 July 2010

Disturbance getting better organized...

The vertical wind shear is decreasing, and the disturbance I mentioned yesterday was surprisingly quick to take advantage of the less hostile environment.  The SSTs are right around 29C, and with the shear reducing from ~20kts to just 5-10kts, there is a lot of new deep convection located over and around the low-level center.  The 1014mb Low is located just north of the Dominican Republic and still tracking WNW at 8kts.

The forecast is for gradual strengthening and a continued WNW track, bringing it near the FL peninsula on Friday.  The latest model guidance suggests that the intensity at that time will be a strong tropical storm or possibly a minimal hurricane, but 3-day intensity forecasts are a little hazy (recent average 72h forecast error is about +/- 19kts).

Elsewhere, a strong easterly wave just exited the African coast today, so that's worth keeping an eye on over the next few days to see if it develops.

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