13 September 2006

Gordon rapidly intensifying...

The final advisory was written on Florence yesterday afternoon, as the extratropical transition raced to completion.  It was a named storm for almost 8 days.

Gordon was a 50kt TS (1000mb) yesterday morning, and just 24 hours later, is a 80kt hurricane with 977mb MSLP -- and this appears to be in the midst of a rapid intensification phase.  The storm is small, symmetric, has a beautiful open eye, and still in reasonable shear.  The SST is 29C, BUT the vertical shear is expected to pick up quite a bit in a day or so, so it has little time to strengthen.  It is forecast to move north through a weakness in the subtropical ridge.

TD8 is a large circulation, and has been slow to get better organized.  The forecast is for gradual intensification and a gradual curve to the NW over the next 5 days.  This solution is agreed upon by most models (not all).  Latest intensity estimate is 30kts and 1007mb, tracking W at 15kts.

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