19 September 2006

Gordon and Helene stirring up the central Atlantic...

Since my last update on Thursday, nothing new has formed, but Gordon has continued on a trip toward the Azores as a strong hurricane, intensity fluctuating between CAT1 and 3 (presently 90kts and 970mb).  It is heading directly for the Azores at 24kts and will hit them on Wednesday morning.  It has now been a hurricane for nearly 7 days.

Helene has intensified substantially since Thursday... it was upgraded to the 4th hurricane of the season on Saturday, and then the 2nd major hurricane on Monday morning, and still hanging on to that at 100kts and 960mb.  It too is safely out in the central Atlantic, no threat to the US, but the Azores may get another rough ride in about a week.

Elsewhere, there's a tropical wave near 25W that's presently not very convective.

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