18 November 2005

TD27 becomes Gamma in this unprecedented season...

On Nov 13, an area of disturbed weather in the far eastern Caribbean Sea 
was upgraded to TD27, but remained poorly organized.  On Nov 16, the 
final advisory was written on it as it degenerated to an open wave.  
However, over the past couple of days, it has been left to fester in the 
western Caribbean Sea and has continually gotten better organized.  An 
aircraft recon flight into this afternoon found not only a closed 
circulation, but tropical storm force winds, making it the 24th named 
storm of the season, Gamma.

At 22Z, TS Gamma was located 16.4N 85.6W and creeping WNW at 4kts.  
Intensity measured by the aircraft is 40kts and 1006mb.  Its future is 
not too bright, as vertical wind shear impinges on it and it drifts 
closer to land.  However, the forecast track brings it northwest toward 
Cozumel/Cancun, then recurves and heads northeast toward the southern FL 

With this addition, the season's NTC stands at 251% (recall that an 
"average" entire season is defined as 100%).

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