23 June 2005

Western Caribbean becoming interesting...

Just during the day on Thursday, a concentrated area of convection 
formed over the extreme western Caribbean Sea, just off the tip of 
Honduras/Nicaragua (around 15N 82W).  There is visible evidence of
a defined mid-level circulation, and the trend with time is increasing 
cold cloud tops and more obvious circulation.

The SSTs in that region are 28-29C, and the vertical shear is 15kts 
and should decrease with time... making conditions favorable for 
development.  If a low-level circulation forms, this will become TD2, 
and would track WNW-NW, toward the Yucatan peninsula.  There is a 
chance the steering winds could be more easterly and this may drift 
over Central America which would remove any chance of development in 
the Atlantic basin.
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