21 August 2003

Take a ride on the wavetrain...

Take a ride on the wavetrain...

Africa and the tropical Atlantic have become crowded with easterly
waves, greatly increasing the odds that at least one will develop.  As
many as 5 waves can be found from the Lesser Antilles eastward to
central Africa, some of which are looking quite interesting.

The westmost is the one we've been watching for a few days now,
presently at about 15N 65W and tracking W at 15kts.  It has had a
drastic increase in deep convection and some band-like features appear
to be forming.

Watching a large area of convection and a broad circulation at about 10N
40W (halfway between Lesser Antilles and Africa) that's tracking W at
15kts.  Also, a similar system to the previous is at about 10N 20W
(south of the Cape Verde Islands) and tracking W at 15kts.

Africa still has a couple fairly impressive MCCs (mesoscale convective
complexes) trekking westward across it and should be watched for
development over the next week as they enter the eastern Atlantic.

The majority of the computer models do not favor any of the systems
currently in the Atlantic, but do develop one that's over
western/central Africa now.

The next numbers/names on deck are 9/Fabian and 10/Grace.

I will be gone through 1 Sep for vacation, so that would be the next
update, assuming something's happening then.

Please visit my tropical Atlantic headquarters.

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